Biogs are important!

On Map a Muso, biogs showcase your skills and experience. A fixer is unlikely to offer you a gig if they know nothing about you!

Map a Muso is all about connecting you with new people. Since they don't know you either, it’s worth spending a few minutes putting together your biog to maximise your chances of gig success. Your biog doesn’t need to be epic or exhaustive, but it does need to give a fixer an idea about who you are, what you’re great at, and tempt them to offer you work.

Less is more

We recommend keeping your biog concise. A few brief paragraphs with key information about your work history is plenty - more similar to a biography in a programme than a whole CV.

You can list highlights of your career to date, mention genres and styles that you commonly work in, and give fixers a flavour of who you are.

The latest version of Map a Muso indicates if you have completed your biog on your Profile Card, making it quick and easy for fixers to know if there’s more to find out about you.

What are fixers saying?
"As well as listing your qualifications, it helps to know a bit about you, both through your photos and your biog. As you are representing my group, it’s great to know that you’re a friendly and interesting person to work with."
Sheraine Lynsdale-Nock (South Downs Strings)
"I’m usually in a hurry, so I need to know, briefly and quickly, that you’ve got the experience I need for the gig. I don’t want to wade through lots of material - just sell me your best points!"
"It's always good to know what kind of person you are, as well as your skill sets; I like to know that people performing on behalf of me are professional and friendly! Keep it short and sweet, and state exactly where you are based!"
Sam Broadbere (Concerts by Candlelight)