Location Location Location!

Map a Muso is all about adding the element of location to the search for musos.

If you're a fixer, Map a Muso is a unique directory that makes it possible to find where musos want to work. If you're a muso, it makes it easier to generate more work local to you.

By bringing performers and fixers together using our network, we are aiming to save time, money, fuel and sanity for everyone in the music industry.

How does the Map a Muso system work?

It's simple. The system matches the location of a gig with those musos who want to work there, providing that their skills also match.

Imagine a pin dropping into a map where the gig is located. If that pin is within one of your chosen areas, you'll appear in the fixer's search results.

The search results prioritise musos who are most local. For example, if both Bob and Margaret match with a gig, but Bob has chosen a small-sized area and Margaret has chosen a large-sized area, Bob will appear higher up the search results list.

Setting and viewing the size of your areas

View your chosen areas either by clicking on the "VIEW MAP" button on the Dashboard, or by going to the Areas tab in your Profile.

You'll see some squares on the map showing the areas that you have chosen. You can change the size of each area by clicking the pin icon, and then using the slider.

You can see any changes you make on your overall map, so it's easy to visualise the areas that you have set.

Best practice for choosing the size of your areas

Your choice of area size depends partly on where you want to work.

For example, if you only want to work on one side of a big city, you might choose a smaller area, with good transport links for you. If you live rurally, perhaps, and would like to cover more possible gig locations, then you might choose a larger area.

Make sure that you view your overall map, and check that the squares cover all the places where you would like to work.

For example, in the first picture each area is set to small, so if a gig is located between those squares, you would not be matched. In the second picture the squares cover a larger area.

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circle check_circle

Try to avoid too many overlapping areas. Instead, try to spread your areas evenly.

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How many areas can I choose?

You can choose up to 8 areas on a FORTE membership and 4 on a PIANO membership.

You might choose areas where you live, or commonly gig or teach. You might also choose areas where you have family or friends, or even places where you're hoping to move to.

You can change your areas and their sizes at any time.