Membership Levels

Map a Muso now has three levels of membership:

FIXER (free)

Choose this if you just want to find performers for a gig. You won't be listed in the directory as a performer.

PIANO (free)

Choose this if you want to try out Map a Muso as a performer. You want to be listed in the directory so that fixers can find you, but you are not yet ready to subscribe.

FORTE (paid)

Choose this option when you want to be listed as a performer with all the features and want to be able to respond to offers of work quickly.

It's worth mentioning that fixing is available for performers too (both PIANO and FORTE memberships), so you can search for a dep or other performers when you need to.

Membership features

Each level of membership has different features.

FIXER (free)
  • Create gigs and search our database for performers for your gigs.
  • Select performers from the search results and send offers to them.
  • See the time and date when they viewed your offer.
PIANO (free)
  • Same fixing features as for FIXERs.
  • List yourself in the directory. You can add your musical skills and up to 4 areas where you want to work.
  • Receive offers of work from fixers. You can only view these without the fixer's contact details. If you want to see the contact details of the fixer, you need to upgrade to FORTE.
FORTE (paid)
  • Same fixing features as for FIXERs.
  • List yourself in the directory by adding your skills and up to 8 areas where you want to work.
  • Receive offers from fixers with the fixer’s contact details and reply to gig offers as soon as you get them.
How to sign up for each membership level

After signing in with your mobile number, you create your profile by providing the following:

  • your email address
  • your name
  • a brief introductory sentence about yourself
  • a profile photo

These give a performer some basic information about you when you send them an offer of work. You don't need to add any skills or areas when you are using Map a Muso for fixing.


Create your profile, just as with a FIXER, then:

  • choose your musical skills
  • add one or more areas where you would like to work

After creating your profile and adding skills and areas, just as with the PIANO membership, you purchase an annual subscription (either full price or using one of our discount codes).

How membership levels look different on the system

Both PIANO and FORTE members will appear in the same list of search results. Their ranking in the list is based on location matching, not on their level of membership. However the PIANO and FORTE memberships differ in the user interface in the following ways.

On your profile

When you are a FORTE member, you get an orange tick badge next to your name on your profile card. Fixers can immediately see the membership level of the performer in their list of search results.

Profile card with FORTE membership
Profile card with PIANO membership
When sending an offer

When a fixer is sending an offer to a PIANO member, they will see a reminder notification that the receiver will not be able to get back to them unless they subscribe.

When receiving an offer

When a PIANO user receives an offer, the sender's name and phone number are not visible. They need to subscribe and upgrade to FORTE membership in order to see the sender's details. Then they can contact the fixer and accept or decline the offer.

Gig offer to a PIANO member

When a FORTE user receives an offer, the sender's name and phone number are visible. They can accept or decline the offer immediately.

Gig offer to a FORTE member
What to do next?

Check your membership level and change it according to your needs.